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If you found this idea, project or code useful, please make a donation so that we can have more time for development. All donations are greatly appreciated.
If you wish to contribute via a method other than Paypal, please contact me directly at eharris@puremagic.com.

Thanks to the following people for providing valuable feedback and trying to shoot my theories full of holes:

  • Brad Roberts
  • Brian Michalk
  • Corey Huinker
  • Bob Apthorpe

Thanks to Jacqueline Hamilton, who helped improve the look of these pages. She has also written a great book on web programming with perl that is available here.

Thanks to Paul Graham, whose paper A Plan For Spam caused a revolution in the spam fighting world, and was also a bit of inspiration that helped to get me thinking about other ways to solve the problem.

Thanks to Charles Ying for developing Sendmail::Milter which made this project a lot easier to prototype and test, as well as a whole slew of other developers for producing Sendmail, Mysql, Perl, Amavis, and Spamassassin.

Thanks to all the administrators and people who create and maintain various blacklists and other anti-spam software and databases that have helped in keeping spam from making email useless.